Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Visitors From Web 2.0 Sites

It's another beautiful sunny day here in Las Vegas, with
the daytime high set to be 40C (104F) - and it's supposed
to get warmer as the weekend progresses. Wish I could upload
this weather and download it when we get back to Welland! ;)

If you're reading this here at the SuperConference, note
that there's been a slight change - I'm speaking tomorrow
between Mike Filsaime and Armand Morin, instead of Sunday.
As a result, I'll be onstage from 10:30 am til noon...

As you already know, Team Champigny has over 100 websites
and a dozen blogs online - so obviously we know more than a
bit about driving visitors to web sites. In my presentation
tomorrow I'll be teaching those here how to use the Web 2.0
sites and technologies to drive visitors to their sites any
time they want to.

But I can also help YOU to get more visitors to YOUR
sites, even if you can't make it to my presentation. You
see, much of what I'll be talking about tomorrow is already
available to you in our Massive Traffic Bootcamp.

As you look through the dozen different resources you'll
be downloading there, you'll see that the first 5 resources
are ones we've created for you - designed to teach you how
to grab the lion's share of the traffic with no outlay on
your part.

Then we've added in 7 more resources from other well
known experts like our friends Liz Tomey and James Jackson.
By the time you've downloaded and read these 12 guides you
will know more than 99% of the people online do when it
comes to getting visitors to any site, blog or affiliate
link you like!

So while we prepare tomorrow's presentation, you can go
ahead and download that information hnow and get a headstart
on getting more visitors every day! Start your download now
from The Massive Traffic Bootcamp website.

Empowering YOU & Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny
Team Champigny.

P.S. - Remember, the easiest way to do bigger numbers
online is to have your sites seen by more targeted
visitors. Download your Bootcamp now and discover all
the free ways to drive more visitors to those sites!
Download the Massive Traffic Bootcamp Here!

Helping you succeed... DC.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas

We leave first thing in the morning for Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing SuperConference being held next weekend (June 19-22nd) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'll be speaking on driving traffic to web sites using the new Web 2.0 technologies, and am part of one of the most impressive speaker line-ups I've seen at a live Internet marketing event. Carl has put together a truly impressive group of presenters including friends of mine like Willie Crawford and Frank Sousa, along with people I'm looking forward to sharing the stage with for the first time, including Armand Morin, the Fortins, Dr Mike Woo-Ming and more. Hope we'll see you there - if so, don't hesitate to come up and introduce yourself, ok?

This is the tenth anniversary of the Internet Marketing SuperConference, and it's quite an honor to be asked to be one of the elite speakers at an Internet marketing event of this calibre. For Teri & I it's a 2,500 mile (4,000 km) drive each way, and we're looking forward to seeing the Rockies in Colorado and the Grand Canyon during our travels to and from the event.

If there's any way you can see your way clear to attend the event, please do - you can bet your Internet marketing business will soar from what you learn at the event, and your new JV partners will be a real help in your efforts to make money online.

See you at the Mirage Hotel June 19th - 22nd!

To your success...

Doug Champigny,
Internet mentor, coach & speaker

PS - In the meantime, the Niche PLR site has reopened for a limited number of memberships - be sure to lock in your spot before the doors slam shut again!


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