Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pending Toolkit Price Increase...

Welcome Back!

Did you have a great weekend? Did you get the new
Internet Marketing Success Toolkit I told you
about? If so, I'm sure you had a great weekend
exploring everything you got with it!

Hope you signed up to promote it too... You see, you
got it for $47, but after midnight Monday it's $97, so
you can make that much more starting then...

You DID download the toolkit, didn't you? Well, if not,
don't panic... You haven't missed out - yet! You see, you
can still download it til midnight Monday EST (9pm
Pacific) and get it for $47 - but you have to hurry...

Download The Internet Marketing Success Toolkit

So if you don't grab it right now, will you miss out? Not on
the Toolkit - it'll be available on an ongoing basis. But you
WILL have missed downloading it at $47 - it'll be more
than double that tomorrow, and then goes up again on the
weekend - eventually to $197.

Aren't you glad you're getting it now at the
lowest possible price?

Download It Now And Save Money!

Don't forget to get in for the Affiliate program - once it's
at $197, that 35% is a nice size chunk of change!

To your success...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - There's a few powerful extras on the download
page - be sure to grab them too, ok?
They'll help you out even more!

Download YOUR Toolkit Today and Save A Bundle!

Enjoy! - DC.

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