Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Free RSS and VoIP Info...

Welcome Back!

How are you doing today? Hope everything
is going according to plan for you, and that you're
enjoying life to the fullest! Teri & I were at my
cousins' in Huntsville yesterday, a beautiful
lake-filled, heavily treed prime vacation area in
Ontario, just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park.
Truly God's country, it's one of the most
beautiful areas I've ever seen...

Today I want to talk to you about two of the new
technologies that will shape both our online world
and some aspects of the offline world as well - RSS
and VoIP. RSS is a simple acronym for 'Really
Simple Syndication', while VoIP stands for
'Voice Over IP'.

Teri & I have already given you much of the info
you need to make use of RSS - it's main uses so far
are for blogs ( http://www.super-bloggers.com )
and the new Google RSS Sitemaps:


Since we had already provided you with all the RSS
info you needed for free, we've been hunting around
for a way to do the same with VoIP...

Remember us mentioning our friends Peter & Deb
from here in Welland? Well Peter has come to the
rescue with his new web site:


Peter has hooked up with a company that will let
you download a free dialer to use the Internet
to make your phone calls, both local and across
North America. In those areas you can call any
computer, phone or cell phone directly from
your computer; world-wide you can call computer
to computer as long as they have it too.

Right now, Peter will let you download it for free,
so your only cost is getting a headset & mic for your
computer - if you already have those, it's free all
around! Peter doesn't sell headsets - you'll have to
pick one up at your local computer or electronics
store. (Radio Shack, Circuit City, etc.)

This software isn't the 'be all and end all' of VoIP;
calls are limited to 9 minutes - so you'd have to call
back to talk longer. But it CAN wipe all those shorter
calls off your long-distance bills, so it can be of help.
It's also worth getting just to try out this new concept,
since it may well be the way we all make all our calls
within the next couple of years. Try it out while
it's still free:


That's it for today - I'll get back to you later in the
week with the next great Insiders' Special, ok? But
til then, check out this cool VoIP process with Peter's
free introductory offer - and yes, that's Peter himself
on the right side of the page, so if you have any
questions about it, just drop him an e-mail, ok?

See you later in the week... All the best,

Doug Champigny,

Welland, ON, Canada

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