Monday, September 11, 2006

Making Sense of Adsense!

Wow - what a hectic 3 weeks it was with FreePLR -
now that it's over maybe I can get some downtime...

Ooops, no, seems Teri & I will be dropping in on
Jeff Dedrick's party in Baltimore this weekend.
I thought I was past driving 400 miles to a party,
but this IS Jeff's party, and he's been such a
huge help to us this year...

Plus our friends Mike Steup & Gina Gaudio-Graves
will be there, so we wouldn't miss it for the world. If you
live in the Baltimore area or are attending MME2 there
this weekend, drop me an e-mail & we'll grab a coffee
together there on Saturday, ok?

Today, I want to help you build some residuals to get
you through the slower times online & help you max out
the busier times. There are 3 main ways to get residuals
online; activity from your existing sites, affiliate
opportunities for recurring commissions, and AdSense

Building a stable of existing sites takes time, but you
should always be adding to your online stable. We have
about 25 sites now, and plan to add 4 or 5 more before
year's end. But that takes time, and should be fit into
your schedule around everything else you do...

Tying that in with affiliate residuals, next week I'll show
you how to get that residual stream going using a new
site we're about to launch - I'll give you access to the
affiliate program so you can have some bucks coming in
each month from it. But that's next week...

So for today, that leaves Adsense. Boy, there sure has
been a lot of buzz about it lately, hasn't there? And no
wonder - normal everyday site owners are doing ok with
it, and a few who have really studied it are REALLY seeing
amazing returns from it. Right off the top, people like
Joel Comm and Michael Cheney come to mind...

But you have to be careful! Joel is a friend of ours
(we met at JVAlert in Philly) and is the author of
The Adsense Code - a 232-page printed book that
is the bestI've seen on the subject. But in our
behind-the-scenes talks with Joel, we found out
there's a lot of garbage coming out about Adsense
too - stuff that's useless, or worse yet can get you
banned from the program just by using it.

There are even people passing themselves off as experts
that haven't used Adsense, or have just dabbled in it a bit.

If you've been part of our online family for any length
of time, you know we've been using it on some of our sites,
and for about 18 months now,
so we can speak with some authority on the subject...

And now it's time for you to start learning about it
too - so we've put two great AdSense resources up at

for you this week. If you've been putting off getting
Adsense on your sites because you thought it might
be too difficult, be sure to watch Louis Allport's video
walkthrough - you can just copy his steps and set it
all up in minutes...

Here's another power-tip for you... In a month Joel
will be bringing you an amazing new Adsense package
that's not like anything you've seen before - so grab these
resources now, brush up on your Adsense knowledge, and
get the whole process started so you can jump on Joel's stuff
as soon as it's released, ok?

Here's your access to these two great resources - be
sure to download them right now:

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - If you don't have content to use to build your
Adsense sites, here's a couple of resources to fix that too:

100 Articles for FREE!

Niche Headers to use with them, again FREE!

A source of New Articles each month with a Unique Twist...

To your success... DC.

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