Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting Ready To Release Adsense Alive Pro

Just a quick update to let you know the Adsense Alive Pro bundle will go live this week, hot on the heels of our Adsense Alive Theme Pack launch.

With the themes launch doing so well, it's anticipated our visitors will love the upgraded Adsense Alive Pro bundle, which will include the WordPress themes, the Adsense Autoresponder E-Course, the Blog Flipping Secrets bundle and more...

For those not familiar with the Adsense Alive Theme Pack, it's a collection of thirty WordPress themes that already contain the coding for Google Adsense ads in strategic, optimized locations on each theme, plus two videos - one showing how to install a secure WordPress blog in 15 minutes using FTP & cPanel, the other showing how to update that blog to an Adsense Alive theme and enter your Google Adsense account code in under 3 minutes...

The Adsense E-Course is a 6-day e-course that comes with PLR resell rights, so marketers can use it to build their lists, advertise Adsense-related products and to resell as a product. It comes with it's own squeeze page, confirmation page, sales page and download page.

Blog Flipping Secrets is a report & 5 videos on how to build, promote and sell bogs to make money online. A natural tie-in to the Adsense Alive Theme Pack, as those who upgrade to the Master Resell Rights can use the themes to quickly make and sell blogs. The information covers niche keyword research, installing WordPress blogs, creating blog content, promoting your blogs and how and where to sell blogs.

More will be added to the Adsense Alive Pro bundle by the time it launches, including one video showing how to install 5 new blogs in under 30 minutes - and I show you me installing all 5 in the video so you know you can do it too!

So watch this space later this week for the official launch of Adsense Alive Pro!

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow - our http://www.Adsense-Alive.com spiked to 24,000 on Alexa for our new launch Friday!

Our new Adsense-Alive Theme Pack ( http://www.adsense-alive.com/themes/ ) launched on Thursday, and Friday the site shot from over 1 million to 24,000 in the Alexa.com rankings (lower is better). Shows the power of an e-zine, social media & just 3 or 4 affiliates promoting a launch! These days, a wide marketing mix covering a lot of the bases seems to work better than extreme efforts in any one area. Huge thanks to everyone who helped - the Pro pack will be out this week!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Have Fun Making Money Online...

Making money online is a dream of millions of would-be entrepreneurs worldwide, from those looking to making a living online to those just looking for a bit of help with the monthly budget. So how should most people seek to have fun making money online?

Adsense Blogging

Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system owned and operated by Google, Inc. Adsense blogging is writing a blog that has Adsense ads on it, and every time one of your blog's readers clicks on an ad on the page you make money, from pennies to dollars depending on the niche and ad itself.

So how does Adsense blogging equal fun for most people? The beauty of blogging is that you can write about almost ANY topic that interests you - your hobby, sports, news items, your social activities, your political views, the industry you work in, your travels, etc. You'll find almost any topic you want to write about has ads in the Adsense program.

Think for a moment about how much fun you could have making money online... Are you an arm-chair quarterback? How much fun would it be to review the games, show the refs and coaches just what mistakes they made and what they should have done instead! Love to bake? How much fun would it be to share your recipes & tips online, and have others share their recipes and tips with you? Have better ideas about how your country, state, province or region should be run? Blog about it!

Even high school and college kids can join in... Like reading or writing? Review the latest books in whatever niche turns you on. Love music? Start reviewing new albums as they come out... Hoping to get into radio or TV? Start a multi-media blog using podcasting or online videos - not only will you get a lot more polished as time goes on, you'll be building a portfolio that'll be a big help when it's time to go job hunting!

And seniors can have SERIOUS fun making money online, by blogging about any topic in the vast wealth of knowledge and experience they've built up. Forced retirement may mean your company no longer values your talents and experience, but that sure doesn't men there isn't a worldwide audience who'd LOVE to hear what you have to say!

Love to travel? Use Adsense blogs about travel, destinations and tourist attractions to help fund your travels!

Love taking pictures? Put Adsense ads on your photo blog!

Love to draw or paint? Blog about it!

Love watching movies? Use your Adsense blogs to become a movie reviewer and film critic!

The list goes on and on... Adults of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels can have fun making money online. And if you're passionate about your topics, it'll never feel like 'work' - after all, don't you already tell EVERYBODY about it? So put it online and start sharing some of the pot with Google. Don't worry - they have enough to go around...

And chances are you'll love the fact that here's no deadlines or schedule you have to meet... Don't feel like blogging today? No problem, just don't! Feel like addressing 5 different issues today? Simply sit down and write 5 posts today. The schedule is completely up to YOU!

One other perk to blogging - you can have as many blogs as you like. It's easy to set up multiple blogs in one hosting account under one domain name, or you can build separate domains for each one. Again, it's totally up to you. Have one blog for travel, one for music, one specific to your industry, one about your town or region and one where you tell those coaches what dummies they are - it's all up to you.

Don't like writing? Turn on your computer or laptop microphone and just say your piece - that's 'podcasting', and you just upload those recordings to your blog - even make them available on sites like iTunes. Or do the same thing with your web cam and you've got videos for your video blog - that's called 'vlogging'. Fancy terms, but still just part of having fun making money online!

Fortunately setting up WordPress blogs is easy and can be done in 15 minutes. And changing the standard WordPress theme to an Adsense-enabled theme can be done in under 3 minutes. So launching a new potential money-making blog can be done in under twenty minutes.

So there you have it - a simple system to turn YOUR passions and interests into having fun making money online - I look forward to reading your new Adsense blogs!

Get a headstart by getting Wordpress themes designed specifically for Adsense blogging, along with videos that show how to install WordPress and how to enable your Adsense themes, in the Adsense Alive Theme Pack. The pack was assembled for you by Doug Champigny, author of Making Sense of Adsense.

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