Sunday, October 22, 2006

Keyword Research Software Bundle...

One of the most important parts of your efforts
has to be your keyword choices. Sure, everybody
and their uncle has told you to check them to see
what niches you should target - but they forget to
tell you it's the same for those of us in the
mainstream IM biz too (or maybe they just don't
want you crowding them...) ;)

How important? In Internet marketing, Affiliate
marketing or Niche marketing, finding which
keywords to target is just the start. You also need to
know the ones to put in:

- Your site name
- Your URL itself
- Your Blog name
- Products you write or get PLR rights to.
- Your page tags
- Your Alt tags
- Your link title tags
- Linking text between your pages & sites
- The copy on your pages
- Your Sig file on the forums
- The links and headings in articles you
send to the directories
- The name of the subfolders on your site,
to get your keywords into every URL
that's indexed from your site.

Clearly, next to building your list, your keywords
are the second most important aspect of your biz -
even if you're just building AdSense pages or
pushing Affiliate programs. So just how much
thought have you given to yours? Take a minute
and think about the last site you put online - and
compare it to the list above. Does it measure up?

That's why this week's featured resources are
so important to you. Both are keyword research
tools, but with very different functions. Keyword
Explorer will allow you to research to see what
keywords can give you access to hot niches - what
keywords are people using when they search for
your niche, how many others are targeting that niche, etc.

And that's the part of keyword research you always
hear about - but you're only halfway there. Keyword
Niche Power will allow you to do the rest. First, use it
to analyze your own site - what keywords are there
in what density? Is your copy giving the search engines
what you think it is?

Then, use it to find the high PR sites already in
your niche - and find out why they are! See the
sites' keywords, the density they're on the page, etc -
a complete snapshot of why they get all that traffic
from the search engines without putting out a cent...

You can keep doing everything 'Hit & Miss', but
I'd rather you didn't because I'm committed to
seeing you do really well online. If you can handle
the outlay for the companies that look after all this
for you, by all means do so. But if not, best to
download these two great tools right now:

Download Your Keyword Research Software Bundle

This is the only week you can get both for just
seven bucks - remember the resources there
change every Friday night, and never repeat.
So it's get them now or miss out - and neither
of us wants that!

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - If you missed them so far, you can still
get your FREE GIFTS from these two sites:

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The Halloween Giveaway

To your success... DC.

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