Saturday, April 02, 2005

Another Free Tool for you...

Welcome Back!

How's everything going? Hope life's treating you well
and that you're having a super weekend! After a week of
beautiful spring weather, Welland got another 4" of snow
overnight, so our world's gone white again... Phooey - Teri
& I both hate winter, so we're glad to see it starting to
melt already...

It's still a great weekend, though - our friend Stacey
has come to visit for the weekend, her first visit since
our move. Stacey's one of the models on our photography
site (
Champigny Photography ) and a very
dear friend, so that more than makes up for the weather.
Even if it DOES give her a distorted view of Welland... ;)

It's been one of those interesting weeks where serendipity
has played a major role. I had originally planned to use this
weekend's posting to talk about

Those who've been in our online 'family' for a while
know it's a favorite for Teri & I, but a lot of the new
people won't know about it. Not only do we get great
new resources and info from PBH each month, but we
make a 3-digit monthly income from the affiliate program.

It's the only program I'm aware of where just two
referrals more than covers your cost, and pays long
term residual commissions.

Click here to see what PushButtonHealth offers

I felt this was the perfect time to talk about it and
WeightLossWarriors because it's the start of April -
3 months into the year. With the year 1/4 gone, we
can't fall back on 'oh yeah - it's one of my New Year's
resolutions'. In the northern hemisphere it's just
3 months to July 1st - prime beachtime. In the southern
hemisphere, summer's just ending and the long
indoor months are looming with their shape-stealing
periods of inactivity. And in the entire world, we're all a
little older and (hopefully) a little wiser, and want to
take better care of ourselves.

So, since both PBH & WLW help us to do just that,
the timing was perfect. The fact that both also pay
good residual commissions doesn't hurt, either. But
it's the resources you get each month from PBH that
are really outstanding - 2 new reports each month
waiting for you to brand them, compile them and
offer them for sale from your site - or make e-zines
from, or use as content, etc.

And since Bryan lets you have the previous reports
as well when you join, there's now about $7,000 in
reports waiting for you today at

As I said, that's what I was going to focus on today
before other things happened... The first was realizing
that people who haven't been at the game for years might
not know how to compile the reports into e-books. If you're
able to do even minor design, you can change them
to HTML and use Jimmy D. Brown's EbookCreator to
make your e-books.

Check out EbookCreator today!

This is the same software I used to create the
Super Bloggers
report and Teri used for the
Shockin' & Rockin' report last year.
Use it to put reports, articles, manuscripts - just about anything -
into an .exe e-book. You can make brandable e-books like the
Super Bloggers, password-protect the entire e-book or just
certain pages, etc. Plus, as I write this, Jimmy still has it on sale
at 75% off - how cool is that? Talk about timing!

The Best E-book Compiler - at 75% Off!

Now this is co-incidental enough, but serendipity wasn't
finished with me yet - now she cranked the volume to 10 and
sawed the knobs off! I remembered that an unexpected problem
had occurred when MS released the SP2 patch for WinXP. Out
of the blue, many e-books just stopped working - you can
still see the opening page, but trying to go beyond that
gives you a 'Page Not Found' error.

If you're using WinXP, try opening some of your earlier
e-books - you'll see what I mean. And that makes it tough
when you want to buy another e-book - will it open on
your system? What to do, what to do...

So I asked Jimmy if the EBC had been updated to avoid this problem.
Yes, it has - and anyone who has the earlier version of EBC can contact
him for the upgrade. Problem eliminated. Jimmy's one of the classiest
guys online, soI figured he'd have found a way to fix it.

But then he dropped the bomb on me...

You know, you can download a free fix to be able to open those e-books again. And not only can you give it away to your readers, but they can give it away too - I want it passed around til no one has a problem opening ANY e-book made with the EbookCreator, ever. But it must stay free - no cost, no signups, nothing - just a straight gift. These people already bought their products - they shouldn't have to pay again to use them!
Told you he was pure class! Naturally I grabbed the fix and
tried it - it's great, but remember it only works on e-books
made with EBC. But since that includes ours, Jimmy's, and
a number of other marketers, this free tool is easily worth
100 times the cost! ;)

Get YOUR Free Fix Here!

So grab it now, use it on the e-books you have, and
keep it for future use. And give it away to you customers,
friends, co-workers - anyone you want! Naturally, Jimmy
being who he is, there's even a way to make some money
giving it away free - but I'll let him tell you about it in his
own words here:

Jimmy Tells You How!

There you have it - a glimpse into the evolution of a Blog posting,
into how a fitness pitch became a free tool for you to download...

Don't you just LOVE happy endings? ;)

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Be sure to get Jimmy's free tool from
This Site, but
don't forget to check out PBH and WLW - it's the perfect
time to start promoting them!

PPS - Did I mention that EbookCreator is on sale
right now for 75% off? It's under $20...

Enjoy... DC

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are you at your Blogging Best?

Welcome Amigos!

How's everything going? Hope life's treating you well
and giving you all you deserve... Speaking of which, it
seems all the 'manifesting abundance' exercises Teri & I
have been doing are helping greatly - the money and the
accolades for Secrets of the Super Bloggers just keep
rolling in...

Here's just one sample - you know Mike Steup, right?
The Internet marketing whiz kid behind JV-Buddy and
the E-zine Marketing Report - he was one of our
partners in the
Start The Year Right promo...

Anyway, just got this in from him:

Hey Doug,

We all know that blogging is a great way to drive traffic
to your site, and to get them to keep coming back time
and again. I have to admit, though, that I still don't have
my blog up and running... I'm the type that wants to know
everything about something before I start using it!

Your 'Secrets of the Super Bloggers' package is just
what I need to get me going. I've only gone through half
of what I got, and am already learning more than I did
with any other blogging 'information' I've got in the past.
I can't waitto get to the rest of the info!

Just wanted to say thanks, and am looking forward to
profiting from my blog and all of the traffic and
customers I get from it!

All the Best,

Mike Steup

Now if you've ever dealt with Mike you know he's honest,
straight-forward and no bull - he's the real deal. So a letter
like that means a lot to Teri & me...

Remind me to add him to my Christmas list... ;)

If you've already gotten the bundle, get it online
for sale right now - we already know of at least
5 'gurus' that are selling it, so you want to get yours
in motion before there are dozens!

We still have 10 bundles left at the introductory price,
so here's a deal just for being in our online 'family' - be
one of the next 10 to get the package from

and then e-mail me your receipt # - I'll throw in the
branding rights to my
Becoming a Super Blogger report!
This is no small deal - the rights are selling right now at

But remember - after these next 10 are gone, the price
goes up forever - no exceptions - so go now:

Thanks! If you have any questions about the bundle, the
report or blogging in general, feel free to contact me about it, ok?

Next week we'll go back to list-building strategies,
and take a look at how you can use co-registration to
your advantage. If you've been following these issues
for the past couple of months and ACTING on them,
you've already begun building your own opt-in list and
using a few free sites to get even more recipients, and
are now using your blog to bring more people to your
opt-in pages.

So next I'll show you how to use existing co-reg services
and how to set up your own - let's take your list through
the roof before the big Fall season hits, shall we?

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Remember, only the next 10 people who pick up
the bundle
get the branding rights for free - after that it's going to
cost more for the bundle, and you'll have to buy the
branding rights separately... Hurry - Don't miss out!

Enjoy... DC.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Blogging Bundle Buzz Keeps Growing! Day 9...

Welcome Back!

Hope you're doing just great today friend, and that you
had a fun-filled Easter weekend! Teri & I took the
weekend off and went to Barrie, Ontario to see my Dad
on Saturday & to Colborne, Ontario to see Teri's parent
son Sunday - another 1,000 km on 'Subby' (our Subaru)

We may have taken the weekend off, but our sites sure
didn't - especially the new ones:
Becoming a Super Blogger and Secrets of the Super Bloggers!

It's Day 9 for those sites now - they launched on Saturday,
March 19th, remember? Well, let me tell you - the buzz over
these two sites just keeps growing! Seems a lot of people
know the value of having a blog, but had no idea how to
go about setting up their own - until now.

Using the Link Popularity Checker that's included with
the Super-Bloggers report, I see that links to both sites show
up in Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista and AllTheWeb already, just
9 days after the sites were published.

Is there any more powerful way to prove the system works
than showing up in 4 of the major search engines that quickly?

Or how about this? Since full resell rights come with the

Secrets of the Super Bloggers! bundle, anyone
who thinks it's a great package can offer it, right? So you
can imagine how flattered I was when Internet marketing guru
Allan Wilson did just that, telling his list it 'comes with a
fantastic ready to use salesletter and looks to be a great seller...'

And again when
Mark Hendricks and Michael Nicholas put it
online too, telling their list it's 'some of the hottest selling
ebooks and software packages'.

Remind me to write all 3 and say 'thanks' as soon as I stop blushing! ;)

Maybe great, fast indexing in the search engines doesn't
mean a lot to you, or gurus putting out their own money to
get the bundle... Perhaps our having sold 14 copies of the
bundle the first week while 367 people downloaded the free
report means more to you - especially when you factor in the
sales of the branding rights to the free report through

Obviously, those branding the report are going to be using
their free distribution rights to build their lists and residuals
through it - one more way to win with the package!

There is one downside to all this success, though - there
aren't many of the discounted introductory-price bundles left.
On the site, it says that only 25 bundles will ever be released
at $67 - then the price goes up and up. And you know me -
I'll honor that statement 100% - no exceptions. So with only
11 bundles left of that first 25, you'll have to act RIGHT NOW
to get all 14 resources for so little!

Please understand, even if you're one of our JV partners
or have been on our lists forever, we can't extend it beyond
the 25 packages - it would be unfair to the 3 above and
others, all of whom must sell it for the $97 right from the get-go.

All in all, you must admit it's been a heck of a week, especially
for two sites that aren't even toddlers yet, eh?

That's the power I referred to, the one-two punch of your own
blog coupled with your own lists - start yours now:

Be well, be happy and enjoy your life... Remember you can
comment on this issue if you like, through the link below.

Have a super week!

All the best...

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS: The List Machine has turned out to be the fastest
way to build an opt-in list I've ever seen - in many cases
faster than list-building JV's! Seen it yet?
The List Machine

Enjoy! - DC

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