Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Make Money Online with these Free Downloads!

When first starting out in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing or any other work-at-home online business startup, one of the hardest things to do is to get targeted traffic to your web sites. One of the best ways to do that is to offer free downloads.

If those downloads are valuable information in free e-books that have your own affiliate links in them as well, you can make some affiliate commissions from those free giveaways too - and that's why Jeff Dedrick's Viral E-Book Explosion is such a valable Internet marketing tool - you can download free brandable e-books ready to brand with your own affiliate links and then give them away - and Jeff gives you those e-books as a free download!

Another way to increase profits online is to offer the free e-books from the download pages of any sites, opt-in list builders, etc, that you may already have online. These are referred to in Internet marketing circles as 'backend profits', since you're making more money online from the pages behind the scene as opposed to your actual salespages (the front end).

But giving away free e-books is just one of the powerful backend profit generators professional Internet marketers use - in fact most 'big dog' marketers online make 2 - 10 times more money on the backend than they do on the front end of their sites! If you don't see how powerful this is right off, I suggest you read my Beautiful Backends e-book that covers the concept in detail.

But once again, Internet marketing superstar Jeff Dedrick to the rescue, this time with Jeff Dedrick's Hidden Sales Project. The Hidden Sales Project launched to much fanfare in 2008, teaching people step-by-step how to make more money online - specifically through backend or 'hidden' sales.

Just today, Jeff Dedrick's Hidden Sales Project has been updated for 2009 - and Jeff's making it a free download this time! If you weren't in the Internet marketing field this time last year, or didn't pick up the Hidden Sales Project last year because of the cost, take advantage of Jeff's new-found generosity and download Jeff Dedrick's Hidden Sales Project for free today!

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