Thursday, October 18, 2007

Private Label Rights Products

If you’ve ever purchased any PLR products, you know that you aren’t the only one who made that same purchase. There are many ways to use PLR products for profit, and repackaging the product is the first step. But you can do more than repackage it.

Ideally, you want to repackage the product, but you also want to change the product. This is important, as this is how you make the product yours. When you’ve changed it, and you put your name on it, you will know that you really did create your own product, even though you did it by taking an existing product and changing it and expanding it.

You aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. You are trying to make a profit. The majority of the products on the market today – both online and offline – are simply an expansion or even a variation of another product that already exists on the market.

Look at candles. There are many different brands and many different fragrances – and there are also many different package designs. In the end, they are all still candles, and still serve the same purpose. The same is true for cars. There are many different brands, colors, and designs, but in the end, they are all just cars that serve the same purpose. PLR products work the same way.

The information or the purpose of the product is the same – the package is different. The product may ‘sound’ or ‘read’ different – but in the end, it serves the purpose that it was originally intended for as far as the consumer is concerned.

So, take a look at your PLR products. Determine how you can repackage and rework them to make them your very own – and to make them something that you can be proud to put your own name on!

If dealing with PLR products is a bit advanced for you, I can suggest two training materials that will help - for a general overview of working with PLR products, download and read "How To Become A PLR PRO!'.

If you'd rather get started right away with PLR e-books, you can watch a step-by-step How-to video series that shows you how to customize the e-books, redo the graphics, edit the salespage, create the download page and set up your payment button, all in easy-to-follow 800x600 .wmv videos for Windows. To get started TODAY with PLR e-books, download the PLR Tutorial videos right now!

To your PLR success...

Doug Champigny.

PS - The PLR Tutorial videos come with a time-limited bonus of 12 PLR e-books for you to start with - in fact the bonus usually goes for more than the whole package is right now. See the PLR Tutorial Web Site for more info, ok? DC.

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