Sunday, August 26, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing is the easiest type of
business to get into – not to mention the
cheapest. In fact,
affiliate marketing can
be done at absolutely no cost. However, for
the most success, there are some tools that
you will need. Actually, there are
three main tools.

The first tool that you need is a website.
Some marketers will tell you that if you
have to choose between a website and an
autoresponder, to get the autoresponder. But
since most webhosting accounts now have
autoresponders built into them, go with
the website first.

You will also need a domain name for your
new website, and it should be something
that reflects the niche that you are in.

Since you will probably promote products
and services in different niches at some
point, be aware that you will need a
domain name for each niche. Furthermore,
instead of just getting a plain old hosting
account, for which you will have to pay high
monthly fees, and for which you can only
have one domain, consider a server such
as that offered by
The Ultimate Marketing Center.

At UMC, you can host 11 web sites, run an
unlimited number of e-zines and e-courses,
and even get an affiliate marketing script
that allows you to attract your own affiliates
to sell YOUR products. This is exactly the
kind of webhosting that affiliate marketers need!

The second tool that you need is an autoresponder.
Fortunately, with your
Ultimate Marketing Center
hosting account, you get a professional autoresponder
service that offers unlimited lists so that you don’t
have to purchase a new autoresponder for each niche.

Deliverability is also important when it comes to
choosing an autoresponder. Youi need an autoresponder
that has a high deliverability rate. The autoresponder
that comes with the Ultimate Marketing Center package
scores highly on this test as well.

The third tool you need is an ad tracker. Again, you
get this with your UMC account. You absolutely must
track all of the promotions you do so that you can
see what works, and what doesn’t so that you know
where to put forth your time and efforts. You don’t
want to waste time on what doesn’t work!

Get these 3 Affiliate Marketing Tools for Success
in place, and you're well on your way to being a
true Internet
Super Affiliate!

Helping You Succeed Online...

Doug Champigny,
The Affiliate Marketing Special Report

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